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6 Things Online Marketers Are Doing Right!

6 Things Online Marketers Are Doing Right!

There are six things that are going well for online marketers, and Carrie Hill digs deeper into what is working when it comes to online marketing.

Some strategies that are discussed include choosing the right social media, making sure you have the correct analytics, and using the tools provided by both Google and Bing for online marketing.

Tired of hearing what you are doing wrong all the time?  You’ll want to check out this article and see what you are doing right!

Read the full article here:
6 Things Online Marketers Are Doing Right! – Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

Link Building For Small And Local Businesses

Link Building For Small And Local Businesses

Many recent blogs about link building have contained information about content marketing, infographics or RCS.  If, however, you do not have the resources or time to implement these practices, check out these seven link building tactics that you can use in your small business:

1.  Local Newspapers

2.  Search for Mentions

3.  Local Maps

4.  YouTube Videos

5.  Local Bloggers Love Reviews

6.  Testimonials

7.  Local Magazines

Read the full article here:
Link Building for Small and Local Businesses | Search Engine Journal

Content, PPC & SEO: New Year, New Tricks

Content, PPC & SEO: New Year, New Tricks

Here is a great post titled “Content, PPC & SEO: New Year, New Tricks”.

They are recommending that in 2013 focus on “digital”. Digital as in “digital marketing”. One headline in the post that I love is “content: create once, publish everywhere”. This is so true, you don’t print up one business card and handed out, just like you wouldn’t print up one brochure for your business.

Also recommended for the new year is if you’re doing any ad campaigns check your CPC (Cost Per Click) and get rid of the campaigns that are not producing. Monitor your campaigns even closer and perhaps make newer campaigns and tweak them along the way. Only reinvest money into the campaign’s that are producing.

Take the time and read through this article. There’s not a lot of new stuff, however it does focus on the basics and emphasizes what we should really be paying attention to.

Reflections on Real Time Bidding and Search Retargeting in 2012

Reflections on Real Time Bidding and Search Retargeting in 2012

Real-time bidding (RTB) is expected to grow rapidly in 2013. As it grows, so will the cost per click. Plus making research even more important. Google now puts a heavy weight on relevancy. Your site must have good content, fresh content and all the relevant to your brand. 2012 was a huge year for real-time bidding. Statistics show that from 2011 to 2012 real-time bidding group by 98%.

I found this article on real-time bidding which has some fascinating statistics and even future predictions. If you would like to read some interesting information in the search marketing world then this webpage is for you.