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When it comes to marketing strategy, there are a large number of factors at work for a successful campaign. At Raxxar Digital Marketing, we recognize that marketing strategies cannot be cookie cutter, the same for every business. Your marketing campaign must be tailored to your market, services offered, budget and capabilities.

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The information you provide will not only give us more insight into your business goals and needs but also allow our team to start researching your service category and find the top competitors in your niche. Once you have filled out our form, you will be sent to a page where you can schedule your call with Lyn Askin, CEO of Raxxar Digital Marketing.

During your call with Lyn, he will educate you on steps you can take to improve your digital presence. This meeting will briefly cover what your competitors are doing, where your web identity may be lacking and where Raxxar can improve your business experience online so you can get back to doing what you do best.

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Graves Burke – CEO Double Lift Media

It doesn’t matter what the product is. What matters is understanding your ideal client and then getting in from of them. Something that Lyn is a master at.

Becky DeGrossa, MA – Marketing Expert

I’ve worked with Lyn for several years, and apart from being a great guy, he’s also very experienced and knowledgeable in the field of online marketing, especially in the Pest Control space. I highly recommend Lyn’s services to anyone in need an effective professional online marketing expert.

Andrea Warner – President Haven Warner Global Marketing

I’ve known Lyn for several years via the various online marketing masterminds that we are both involved in. It comes as no surprise to me that Lyn has built a great business that specializes in high quality and effective digital marketing. He’s a great guy and you’ll love working with him!

Dave Bezuidenhout – Senior Drupal Engineer

I’ve worked with Lyn on a number of projects, and every project has run smoothly with great final results. Lyn has an uncanny ability to lay out an ideal plan to make a digital project a success. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone needing professional online marketing.

Butch Bellah – National Sales Manager Bulls Eye Brands

I’ve known Lyn for the more than 5 years and can’t recommend him more highly. Thorough, knowledgable and customer-oriented, he embodies professionalism. He has bailed me out on more than one occassion with my website–and it’s the lifeblood of my business. I trust Lyn’s expertise and truly value his knowledge and friendship.

Margaret Ornsby – Digital Marketer

Lyn helped us convert a client’s website from static HTML over to the WordPress CMS. Even though the time-frames were tight, Lyn was able to complete the job quickly and cheerfully, and the end results were excellent and allowed us to complete our job in a timely fashion.

I definitely recommend Lyn’s services to anyone needing a professional WordPress web developer!

Dean Phelps – Senior Partner Veterans Employment

We worked with Lyn on a Magento Shopping Cart site, and his work with professional, timely, and the finished product was excellent. Lyn is proactive, gives great advice, is open to feedback from his clients, and we had a great time working with him. For anyone who needs a great website for their business, Best Pest Marketing is a great option!

John Detlefs – Advanced Excel Hummingbird Training

I’ve worked with Lyn for the last couple of months, and in my experience he is very knowledgeable in the dark arts of online marketing for business. He has a strong background in the Pest Control marketing space and for anyone in Pest Control looking for a top notch marketing team, he’s the first guy I send their way. Highly Recommended!