Google Pay Per Click Management

Are you STRUGGLING with your  pay per click campaigns? Does it feel like your Advertising Dollars are being flushed down a toilet? Maybe you’ve even hired a “professional” PPC Management firm, but were unhappy with the results?

You are not alone! We hear those same comments from business owners who reach out to us every day. If you’re not getting the return on investment that you were hoping for with your Google Adwords marketing campaigns, then please read on.  Lets face it, wasting money is counterproductive to reaching your business goals. Schedule your free consultation with Raxxar today!

Imagine what it would be like to have tons of new clients reaching out to you every day.  What if you knew that for every dollar you put in your advertising, you'd get back a very measurable, profitable, consistent result? Imagine that you no longer had to stress and worry about your online marketing campaigns. Does that sound like a pipe dream? Too Good To Be True? It's not just a dream, and we can help you achieve it!

Google Adwords is a lot like chess. The basics are fairly easy to understand, but in reality, the game is so complicated that it can take you years to master. Unlike Adwords, being a beginner at chess wont cost you thousands of dollars. So, who is running your Google Adwords campaign? A novice? or a Grand Master?

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Raxxar Delivers Results

  • More Visitors - We bring more qualified prospects directly to your website so you can close more sales
  • More Sales - You'll close more sales, make more money and have more time to spend growing your business.
  • Lower Cost Per Click - We optimize your campaigns to get you the lost cost per click possible
  • Less Waste - We'll eliminate unnecessary spending, allowing more of your money to go into your most profitable campaigns.
  • Better Performance - Outperform your biggest competitors. Let you competition continue to waste advertising dollars while we get the most out of yours.
  • Increased ROI - We'll work diligently each month to improve your return on your investment, giving you more cash flow in your business.

What Is Included When You Work with Raxxar?

  • Number of Campaigns - 2-20+
  • Number of Adgroups - Up to 10000
  • Number of Keywords - Up to 10000
  • Conversion Tracking - Included
  • Multiple Conversion Tracking - Included
  • Google Analytics Setup - Included
  • Professional Ad Copy - Included
  • Ad Testing - 2 or More Per Adgroup - Included
  • Weekly Updates - Included
  • Monthly Reporting - Included
  • Account Manager - Included
  • Email Support - Included

7 Reasons To Work With Raxxar Digital Marketing

  • 1

    Advanced Analytics Approach

    Our results based campaigns are built using advanced tools. We provide the right message in the right medium at the right time.

  • 2

    Google Adwords Certified

    We are certified in Google Adwords.

  • 3

    Strategic Insights

    With over 20 years of experience, we will bring our unique strategies to your landing pages, marketing messages and calls to action.

  • 4

    Proactive Campaign Management

    Google Adwords is most effective when you are proactive.We are constantly monitoring your campaigns, and looking for new ways to improve your ROI. You can expect to grow each month that you use our Google Adwords Management services.

  • 5

    Transparent Reporting with Full Access

    We give you full access to your account. It belongs to you. Would you believe that some agencies won't give you access to your adwords account?

  • 6

    Fully Featured Services With No Extra Charges

    Some agencies charge you to do even the most basic things. We don't charge extra for extra campaigns, split testing, goals or analytics.

  • 7

    We Test, Measure and Tweak Your Campaigns

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Still Have Questions about our PPC Management?

Check out these frequently asked questions...

What is PPC, or Pay Per Click Advertising?

PPC or Pay Per Click is an advertising method by which you pay Google (or Bing, Facebook, etc) directly,  for placement of your ads on their network of search engines and websites.

Ok, You've Convinced Me. How Much Is It Going To Cost?

Pay Per Click Management has two fees. One, that you pay to us to create, monitor, and improve your campaigns. The other, is what you pay to the particular ad platform (Google, Facebook, Etc) for the actually clicks you receive on the ads. Our management fees vary from 8% to 20% of the ad spend, depending on the size of ad budget.

How quickly can I see results from my campaigns?

You can get results from your campaigns very quickly. The amount of time it takes to setup your particular campaign depends on the size of your campaign. But most campaigns we can have running within 24-48 hours. Once the campaign is approved by Google Adwords, you can begin receiving clicks immediately. Facebook and Bing have similar time structures for ad approval.

What is remarketing, and should I be doing it?

Absolutely, every business should be running a remarketing campaign. You've heard it takes 7 contacts to make a sale? Remarketing assures that those who have visited your site before continue to see your ads in the future. You can use remarketing in some very creative ways. You can target ads to those who didn't complete a checkout in your ecommerce store, or just use it for branding. We pride ourselves on the creative ways that we can use remarketing to bring your visitors back to your website.

Can I Measure The Results from a PPC Campaign?

Of Course! I'd suggest that running ANY advertising, without a way to measure results is like flushing money down the toilet. We track your ad spend so you can make the best decisions about how your advertising dollars are best utilized.

Is There A Minimum Amound I Have To Spend In Google Adwords?

There is no minimum to the spend amount in Google Adwords. You can set your budgets as low as $5 a day if you so choose, however, we do have a minimum management fee of $500 per month, so plan accordingly. It is best to measure your results and put more ad spend into your most profitable campaigns.

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